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FACT: Senior citizens are the fastest-growing user group for twitter probably. And they don't have time to decipher most URL shorteners.

FACT: The average senior citizen probably assumes "bit.ly" is the URL for a Lithuanian overbite clinic; "tr.im" looks like the homepage of an Islamic transportation consultancy.

FACT: On the other hand, "urlshorteningservicefortwitter.com" lays it all out on the table!

Any senior who comes across one of our links on twitter will know EXACTLY what the deal is, because the very name of the URL shortening service identifies it as a URL shortening service.

THINK ABOUT IT: If your grandmother sees this link: http://bit.ly/zPWG6 she'll think, "Hmm, does someone want me to fly to Lithuania to get my teeth fixed?"

But if she sees this link: http://urlshorteningservicefortwitter.com/nfhjx she'll think "Oh, someone has taken the time to send a link from their twitter page, and look at how short it is! How thoughtful, I must remember to send them a holiday ham."

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